Using A Mixer To Generate Sales, Hire Talent And More

There are two ways to make your business profitable. One, increase sales. Two, lower your overhead costs. The question now is, how can you get both?



Have Prospective Clients Come to You. It costs time and money to acquire a new client, right? At Largest Mixer you’ll meet more than 1,800 potential clients. Our attendees are much more worthwhile leads than names and numbers picked out of a business directory or purchased prospects. That saves you time and money.


You’re In the People Business, Not a Product or Service Business.  Not all prospects respond well to telesales or direct mail. Some see direct marketing as an intrusion into their lives, while others are annoyed by sales calls, regardless of how much value they might offer. At Largest Mixer, attendees are there to do business. Your job is to network, connect, and earn their business.


Want To Get Your Product And Marketing Right? Do Market Search. In only 4 hours you can test multiple offers on hundreds of potential buyers and fine-tune your pricing or pitch. Once you learn what’s working (and what isn’t), make the necessary adjustments, focus resources and give it all you got. Your success probability has just increased.


Are You Hiring? It’s virtually inevitable that someone at the event is open to a new opportunity. At Largest Mixer you’ll see many professionals in real world situations (not in an interview setting) and what better test is there? Pick from among the best.


Scope out the competition. You’ll get a clear picture of your competition’s marketing strategy and a glimpse at their directions at the event.


Book an exhibit booth by September 15 and receive a digital marketing campaign for your business (a value of $250) for absolutely FREE. To confirm a booth, click here.


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