Top 7 Latino Social Media Influencers for 2015

Not long ago, social media clout was about number of followers. More recently, the size of total fans evolved into business and brand influence. For 2015, to be a social media powerhouse your network size and relevance must also include social influence. That means everyone on our list has a large reach, they have a responsive following, and they are creating a positive impact on society — Latino or otherwise.


In addition, four key distinguishing skills became evident when assessing our top 7 list. Every single one utilizes their influence to educate, coach, and/or entertain, not just online, but in the physical world as well. Additionally, Latinas now rule the charts in just about every metric that matters.


We expect bigger and greater things from this group in 2015, so get on board and fasten your seatbelts. Now, for the top 7:




As President and CEO of NCLR (National Council of La Raza), the largest national Latino civil rights advocacy organization in the U.S., Janet Murguia is driving immigration reform, job-creation, and wealth-building for more than 11 million undocumented Hispanics.


You can follow Ms Murguia on Twitter.








Ruben Navarrette Jr. is not only a columnist at CNN and the Daily Beast, he is also a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group and tackles topics of ethnicity, politics and national origin.


You can follow Ruben on Twitter or LinkedIn.









Alicia Menendez is an American television commentator, host and writer. She is currently the host of “AM Tonight” on Fusion, the cable network launched by ABC News and Univision. Most recently she was a special guest/co host on “The View.”


All of her social media networks are available on her personal website.







Nely Galan is an inspiration as an entrepreneur, as a woman in business, and as a proud Latina. Previously she was President of Entertainment at Telemundo. Then became creator and executive producer of the FOX reality series, “The Swan,” and is the founder of “The Adelante Movement” (Move Foward!), a revolution that empowers Latinas socially, economically, and politically.


Follow her journey on her website, Facebook, and Twitter, and become empowered.






Selected as a Columbia University ‘Next Generation Project’ American Assembly Fellow, Esther J. Cepeda is an opinion journalist and expert on the issues of U.S. Hispanics / Latinos. She writes two columns a week for the Washington Post Writers Group and is also a marketing / communications expert, social media strategist and coach, and public speaker.


You can follow Esther on almost all social media platforms, here are just a few: Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn.







Maria Hinojosa is an award winning journalist. She is the anchor and executive producer of Latino USA on NPR (National Public Radio), where she covers America’s untold stories and highlights today’s critical issues for Latinos. She is also the Founder,  President & CEO of Futuro Media Group, which produces her show on NPR.


You can follow her and her show on Twitter.







Lance Rios founded Being Latino, the largest communication platform designed to educate, entertain, and connect people across the global Latino spectrum. He is also Founder of DigiBunch, LLC, the largest database for Latino viral videos and picture memes online, along with the latest Latino music and movie trailers. And Coca-Cola featured Lance as part of their holiday promotion (#HazAlguienFeliz) in late 2014.


Connect with Lance on Being Latino Facebook and on  Twitter.





Is there someone we missed that should be on this list? Suggestions welcomed.



  • Ed Rivera

    i suggest John Quiñones and Mariela Dabbah

    • Profile photo of CONEXION


      Thank you for the suggestions.
      Is this the John Quiñones from ABC and Mariela Dabbah the author?

  • Luis Alvarado

    Love your list. Julio at Latino Rebels. Heard just got hi s first million visits.

    • Profile photo of CONEXION


      Julio at Latino Rebels is definitely on our radar. He’s a creative and innovative doer. Thank you for the feedback.

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