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SiliconBeach DTLA

Don’t miss out on great drinks, great company and a chance to meet some of the Silicon Beach’s most influential professionals in Downtown LA. Connecting the Silicon Beach Community – Silicon Beach is a major hub for young, inspired professionals looking to better themselves and…


What’s Driving Startup & Entrepreneurial Growth? Minorities!

Between 2004 and 2014, minority-owned businesses increased 49%, while non-minority-owned businesses grew 12% during that same period, according to Minority Business Development Agency.   In 2012, Asians owned 1.7 million businesses, African-Americans owned 1.9 million, Hispanics owned 2.9 million, and Native American/Pacific Islander owned 0.3…


Make the Connection!® IHCC Business Conference

The Make the Connection!® IHCC Business Conference is IHCC’s marquee event bringing together our vast community of thousands of business owners, thought leaders and decision makers for this one-day showcase and conference.   Previously the Hispanic Business Expo, we’ve redesigned the event to deliver more…


Startup Rock Stars

Everything ​You ​Ever ​Needed ​to ​Know ​about ​Startups ​from ​the ​Experts ​Who ​have ​Made ​it ​Happen! ​ You’ve ​been ​to ​pitch ​fests ​and ​incubator ​discussions, ​companies ​explaining ​their ​startup ​products ​and ​business ​development ​approaches ​- ​separate ​discussions ​spread ​out ​over ​different ​events ​in ​different ​locations. ​ ​ Startup ​Rock ​Stars ​brings ​it ​all ​to ​you ​- ​no ​matter ​what ​stage ​of ​startup ​- ​or ​investment ​- ​you’re ​in. ​ ​Startup ​Rock ​Stars ​will ​showcase ​both ​traditional ​and ​alternative ​funding ​sources; ​hosting: ​banks, ​venture ​capitalists, ​angel ​investors, ​crowd ​funding ​professionals, ​incubators ​and ​accelerators. ​ ​The ​event ​will ​also ​underscore ​other ​topics ​affecting ​startup ​enterprises, ​such ​as ​platforms ​and ​development, ​back ​office ​and ​infrastructure.

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