3 Ways Winning Awards Can Propel Your Business Forward

Business-Award-conexion-winner-could-be-you-entrepreneurs-latinos-marketing-PR-branding-successAn often overlooked tactic in promoting a business is award marketing. In general, marketing consists of many channels, from social media, print advertising, radio and trade shows. Below are tips for how and why you should consider leveraging awards as a marketing tool in your business.


1. Inspires The Team And Gives You A Clear Vision
Applying for an award forces you to take the time to look at what you’ve accomplished, to consider where the business is headed, and the best path to get it there. Evaluating all the things that you’ve done right is not only a satisfying process, but will also motivate your team to push harder towards the grand vision.


2. Awards Give You An Edge
With the competitiveness of today’s business, everyone is looking for that edge that will make them stand out over their  competitors, and being named a finalist or winner of a business award, when your competitor is not, can make all the difference when a potential client is deciding who to do business with. Everyone likes a winner.


3. You’ll Have The Spotlight
Part of winning an award is that you and your company agree to become the “poster child” of that award for a period of time, typically a year. That means you’ll be presented with opportunities to network with complimentary industries or potential clients, media, other leaders in your community. That equals free marketing, public relations, content for your social media efforts (think selfies with the Mayor, other CEOs, etc.), and ultimately that’s an opportunity for business.


Once you win, remember to use “Award-Winning” in your brochures, your website, your business cards and any press you do from that moment forward.


Get out there and nominate your company, be proud, and leverage your success!


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