Grow Your Company With Fewer Customers

A new study finds evidence to support the idea of ‘less is more’. Here’s why scaling your company with fewer clients may just contribute to your company’s long-term health.   Helena Yli-Renko, an assistant professor of clinical entrepreneurship at USC’s Mhttp://conex360.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/less-is-more-conexion-startup-business-entrepreneur1.jpgarshall School of Business, was working…


3 Ways Winning Awards Can Propel Your Business Forward

An often overlooked tactic in promoting a business is award marketing. In general, marketing consists of many channels, from social media, print advertising, radio and trade shows. Below are tips for how and why you should consider leveraging awards as a marketing tool in your business….


Latinos Don’t Have Role Models? Say WHAT?! Behold Rita Moreno!

A cozy and very personal conversation with the incredible and iconic Rita Moreno took place in Los Angeles at The Grammy Museum, courtesy of NCLR (yes, the very influential Hispanic civil rights organization). Not only has Rita Moreno won an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony,…

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