Latinos On a Mission to Fund Hispanic-Owned Businesses Bilingually Win Innovation Award


During Hispanic Heritage Month, Camino Financial will become the proud recipient of the 2016 California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Innovation Award. This great honor recognizes the persistence and dedication that goes into competing in today’s rapidly shifting business world, while strengthening the human drive for innovation, creativity and ingenuity among Latino entrepreneurs.


Twin brothers, Sean and Kenny Salas, incubated Camino Financial while completing their MBAs at Harvard Business School. As sons of a Latina entrepreneur who lost her Mexican restaurant chain after 25 years in business, the Salas twins founded Camino Financial, an online credit marketplace focused on empowering Hispanic entrepreneurs with knowledge and capital.


Last November, the company raised $750,000 in seed capital backed by institutional and angel investors. As a result of early traction, the company secured an additional $2 million series seed financing from various private equity and venture capital funds, demonstrating their commitment, trust, and vision in Camino Financial.


Since its inception 16 months ago, the company has funded more than $1.8 million in small business loans, with more than 90% going towards Latino-owned small businesses. It is precisely for building an innovative platform and executing creatively on its mission, in English and in Spanish, that has earned the Salas brothers and Camino Financial this year’s Innovation Award.


To them we say; thank you for making our community proud and for keeping the American dream alive.


To learn more about Camino Financial visit, or contact one of their loan specialists at (213) 634-3049.

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  • Richard

    Congratulations to the “smartest millennial twins” I know! You have proven that it is not just Innovation in technology that matters but a passion to innovate helping a marketplace that is unaware of the pitfalls of using your own IT. You know what I mean…I know IT. I built IT, I used IT, therefore I am the best at IT. We don;t know what we don’t know and it takes surrounding ourselves with people who are SMARTER THANK US to lead the way to SUSTAINED SUCCESS!! Gentlemen and TEAM Camino please keep innovating the way we learn and build our infrastructures that lead to legacy businesses in our communities! I LOVE YOU ALL! You are the real Heroes!!!

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