8 Habits of Super Networkers

Maybe you’re not really a superhero. You’re a CPA, designer, or an account executive. And, though you’d love to show up to a networking event in a spandex jumpsuit with knee-high boots and glitter, the reality is you won’t. But fear not, with the following eight habits you can still become a networking superhero.



1. Smile! Always start your networking, your meetings and interactions with a BIG smile. A smile removes tension and puts others at ease. Think of it as a superpower.


2. Ask engaging questions. Find out what people are working on, who they’re looking to meet or what attracted them to the same event. Then share what’s on your mind. Opportunities are sometimes in disguise.


3. Add value. If you can, now that you know something about them, add value on the spot. Walk them across the room and introduce them to someone they’d like to meet.


4. Learn their “story.” Find out what’s unique about them, what makes them tick. Get to know the person. Basically, you want to know what their superpower is.


5. Share a memorable fact. When responding to what it is you do, mention something personal about you that stands out. Maybe you have a passion for running or perhaps you fight crime on the side. Such personal details can help lighten the mood and get people talking.


6. Keep a list. Keep notes and follow up, but this time with insights from your notes. It sounds like work, but this is what will set you apart. Remember, it’s about connecting with people, not just meeting them or collecting piles of business cards.


7. Make small promises and keep them. No matter how small a promise you make — such as sending an email or returning a phone call — keep ALL of your promises! You’ll definitely stand out.


8. Reward your ‘power’ contacts. Keep a list of your top five to 10 networking partners and do something each week to add value to one person’s life or business. Share. Collaborate.


Do you have a networking super habit we forgot to mention? Leave it in the comments section please.


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